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On December 27, 1996, before the sun had risen, 35-year-old Tyrone Camp was fatally shot in the head and back as he was warming up his truck at Active Transportation Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. The murder was witnessed by Kenneth Brown, who told police he had seen the assailant running away, but that he could not identify him. 

The first suspect in Camp’s murder was his wife Cecilia’s former husband, Juan Leotis Sanders. But the focus shifted to Kerry Porter Porter, who had also once been married to Cecilia Camp after the victim’s brother showed the witness a picture of Porter. Brown identified Porter was the assailant on two separate occasions. 

Kerry Porter was eventually convicted of the murder of Tyrone Camp and sentenced to 60 years in prison. 

Porter’s devastating conviction was built on mistaken witness identification, perjury and a false accusation. He was exonerated in 2011 thanks in part to the Innocence Project and–in a strange turn– the television show“BayWatch.” But ultimately what freed Porter was his unwavering faith and commitment to proving his innocence. 

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