The Wrongful Convictions And Multiple Escapes Of Leroy Harris: 30 Years In Prison And A Story You Have To Hear To Believe

    • Season 5
  • 46:07
  • 19 March, 2018

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From the moment he was charged with rape and robbery in 1989, Leroy Harris has insisted on his innocence. Even after his conviction — for which he was sentenced to 80 years in prison — he fought the verdict through five appeals. Mr. Harris finally got the Innocence Project of New York working on his case in 2012. The Innocence Project had the Connecticut forensic lab test new DNA evidence which excluded Mr. Harris from the male DNA on the inside of one victim’s blouse. The sexual assault charge against Mr. Harris was dismissed, but in order to be released, Leroy Harris agreed to enter “Alford” pleas to the remaining charges in exchange for his freedom. He spent almost 30 years in prison in Connecticut for first-degree sexual assault and three counts of first-degree robbery that new evidence—including exculpatory DNA testing results and serious prosecutorial misconduct—strongly suggests he didn’t commit.

Larry was forced into taking a plea and cannot sue, so no compensation at all for him - even after decades in prison. Please share Leroy’s razoo link:

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