Lorenzo Johnson: Fighting Injustice All The Way Up to The Supreme Court After He Was Wrongfully Convicted… Twice

    • Season 4
  • 42:59
  • 09 October, 2017

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Lorenzo Johnson served 22 years of a life sentence after he was framed twice for a murder that happened in Pennsylvania while he was in New York. On December 15th, 1995, Tarajay Williams was murdered outside of a bar in Harrisburg, PA. For several months after the murder, police detectives threatened Mr. Johnson with a murder charge unless he falsely accused a friend of committing the murder and dealing drugs. When he refused, Lorenzo Johnson and his co-defendant Corey Walker were convicted of first degree murder and criminal conspiracy to commit murder and were sentenced to mandatory life in prison on the murder conviction, and concurrent five to ten years on conspiracy conviction. Mr. Johnson won his freedom in an October 2011 federal court of appeals decision stating that his conviction was based on insufficient evidence and he was released on bond in 2012. However just four months later, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed and reinstated his murder conviction and Lorenzo Johnson voluntarily surrendered himself and was re-incarcerated. After Mr. Johnson's re-incarceration, he and his legal team began investigating the police and prosecutorial misconduct that led to his wrongful conviction, and on July 11th, 2017, Lorenzo Johnson finally won his freedom. He has since been advocating for other wrongfully convicted prisoners.

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