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Antione Day was starting his career as a musician when he was convicted of first-degree murder in 1992 and sentenced to 60 years. After serving a decade in prison, Mr. Day’s conviction was overturned with the help of his attorney, Howard Joseph. While some exonerees stand in the limelight upon release, Mr. Day quietly picked up the pieces of his life. He initially took employment in the construction field, and today he is the Outreach Coordinator of Prison Reentry at the Howard Area Employment Resource Center. In this position, Mr. Day mentors at-risk teens and parolees, implements job training and placement programs and runs neighborhood stabilization and anti-violence programs. He co-founded the Life After Justice organization with Jarrett Adams, another exoneree, to help provide new exonerees with a place to live and a variety of services to help them successfully re-enter society, such as job training, computer skills, finance classes, mentoring, and more. In this episode, Mr. Day is joined by Laura Caldwell, a former civil trial attorney who is now the director of Life After Innocence as well as a published author of 14 novels and one nonfiction book, Anatomy of Innocence.

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