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Keith Allen Harward, a Navy veteran, was wrongfully convicted of a 1982 rape and murder in Newport News, Virginia and served 33 years in prison. The assailant had broken into a home of a killed a man and brutally raped his wife. During the course of the attack, the assailant bit the wife’s legs repeatedly. Keith was convicted primarily on the testimony of two forensic dentists who said that his teeth matched marks on the victim's body and he was convicted of capital murder. The Innocence Project performed DNA testing on the rape kit and numerous other pieces of crime scene evidence, and the testing excluded Mr. Harward and identified Jerry Crotty as the perpetrator. After the Virginia Supreme Court granted a writ of actual innocence, Keith Allen Harward walked out of prison on April 8, 2016 after wrongly serving more than 33 years of a life sentence.

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